About Nick
Real estate broker Nick Sadek is not just consistently moving properties in a soft market: his business is booming, especially high-end residential sales with multimillion dollar price tags. This is quite a trick in a market where foreclosures are up 50% over first quarter 2006, and single-family home sales in the Sacramento area are down 26%, among the worst hit in the state. But Nick knows how to look beyond the numbers to find the win-win combination of seller and buyer needs that enables deals to close.

"In this market, a lot of sellers want to get out of larger homes and scale down," he notes. "Sometimes buyers have a lot of real estate they want to transfer into their homes so they can enhance their lifestyle. I look for a way to match their needs and wants and I'll work creative deals to make it happen."

In one such deal scheduled to close, the seller was paying almost $10,000 carrying costs on his property. Nick was able to find a buyer with a commercial building that generated $10,000 in positive cash flow. The seller was able to transfer his equity from one project to another and so preserve his equity. Indeed, Nick has built much of his business on this ability to creatively finesse financing and assets, putting together innovative project packages tailored to the unique needs of buyer and seller. He gets many of his listings from approaching builders directly and finding them good deals. "They buy the property conditioned on me marketing and selling it for them," he explains. "Then I do a lot of research in a particular area, so I can present the project properly to potential clients or investors."

It's homework that pays off big. In Nick's experience, "When they see you're knowledgeable in a certain area, they like to work with you."

Nick does not leave that critical client rapport to chance. Marketing largely through the Internet and extensive personal networking, he makes a point of always answering his phone, qualifying clients up front and being ready to preview proper­ties right away. Once initial contact is made, he works to build rapport with the client and to ensure they feel comfortable working with him. While many agents virtually disappear after a listing is made, this accomplished real estate broker stays in the mix with seller and buyer where he knows there is a premium on communications and accessibility. "I stay in touch and keep clients updated on transactions. Once they realize they are benefiting, they are attracted to the knowledge I can share." And after he is clear on their needs, he often introduces clients to new projects and possibilities long after an initial transaction is completed.

It is all part of his philosophy of success in which he notes, "Sincerity and honesty goes a long way." It is a lesson learned from when he started in real estate 20 years ago. Nick came to Sacramento in 1979. After getting his li­cense in 1986, he got his start with Great Western Real Estate in Carmichael in 1988, later branching out on his own. His business success is mirrored in his personal life with a marriage of 10 years to his wife, Dina, also a li­censed real estate agent, and two children, 4-year-old Adam and 8-year-old Danya.

His years in business have also enabled Nick to refine his approach working with high-end clients in the housing market. He comes up with targeted marketing ideas for projects of special interest, "But I never charge clients for any of my marketing ideas." More important to him is working freely and synergistically with just the right kind of client. "I like to interview my clients," he notes. "I don't take just anyone. I want someone who will work with me - someone willing to be understand­ing and flexible, especially in a down market."

That kind of discernment has given him success in many noteworthy deals that close more quickly than the market average. A list of fine homes Nick has moved are striking for their high dollar value and choice features and locations - a trait reflected in his current top listings as well. The most spectacular of these at present is a grand estate in Los Lagos; representing three merged parcels of land, it consists of almost four acres of manicured landscape and an 8,500-square-foot home. A view of the Sacramento skyline is set off with other views of the Newcastle foothills and the Bay Area mountain range near Sonoma. Two waterfalls - one in front, one in back - complement a pool with six levels. Other features include an outdoor kitchen with gazebo, seven-car garage, elevator, game room and media room. The interior detailing includes chandeliers and custom Savage cabinetry of alder wood with cherry stain; there are six bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms and more, for an asking price of $7.9 million.

Other listings include a 7,500-square-foot property in Sheba Estates, Granite Bay for $3.59 million; a 7,000-square-foot home for $3.3 million by the Greenhills Golf Course on Eureka Road; and 5.5 residentially zoned acres in Granite Bay for $799,000. Pointing to the artificially inflated market of recent years, Nick observes that new home builders have been putting pressure on the resale market. "That is why the price range from $500,000 to $900,000 is so affected." These market dynamics, however, do not impact the multimillion-dollar home market in the same way. He recalls one $3.5 million home he sold before it was built. "People in that price range aren't affected by the economy," he notes.

That is why, even in this down-turned market, he looks forward to moving the high-end properties that are his spe­cialty. "My business this year is better than the years back," says Nick. "When the market is like this, it's an even playing field for buyer and seller."

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